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Welcome to The Budding Report

Welcome to the Budding Report, a weekly show centered around all things Cannabis. Join our hosts, founder and CEO of Budding Capital Investment Group as well as Simple Changes, a CBD Social Selling Company; Charles Horton and his co-host Melissa Nasits as they share the latest Cannabis news, conduct interviews with top leaders in the Cannabis Space, and promote some of the latest in science and innovation.

Meet Your Hosts

Charles Horton

Charles Horton is a successful entrepreneur with a passion for mentoring others. An expert on both  personal finance and personal development, Charles has pursued business endeavors from an early age and built several multi-million-dollar companies.

As a young man, he created SmartCheck, a check guarantee company, which grew to be the eighth largest business of its kind in the country. At age 30, he sold that business, wanting to retire early as a young millionaire. But, he quickly realized that he missed the excitement of the business world. 

Charles began yet another foray into the financial sector with FastBucks. As he grew the company, he focused on developing not a team of employees, but of empowered owners, who shared a sense of pride about the business. His employee development programs also equipped each individual to achieve their personal and professional goals, which fostered the company’s success. 

Upon selling FastBucks and retiring a second time as a multi-millionaire in 2019, Charles already had his sights set on continuing his passion for empowering others. As former owner of the Firewalking Institute of Research and Education (F.I.R.E.), a transformative program for personal and professional development, Charles is committed to helping people live life to the fullest. He found himself drawn to the nascent cannabis industry, because of the wealth of knowledge and opportunity it offered, and he has since started multiple cannabis-related businesses that focus on healing, wellness, and lifestyle improvement.

Christian Shaw, MD, PhD

Christian Shaw is a physician and neuroscientist specializing in the clinical practice of addiction, occupational and preventive medicine. His multinational medical and scientific training has provided him exposure to health systems around the globe, including Canada, England, and South Africa. He is certified by the American Board of Preventive Medicine in Public Health and General Preventive Medicine and subspecialty board certified in Addiction Medicine. Dr. Shaw serves as the consulting medical director for drug and alcohol treatment centers in Arizona, New Mexico, and Indiana, as well as a corporate physician consultant within the energy industry.

Dr. Shaw initially became interested in cannabidiol during his specialty training and has been following the scientific literature since that time.  More recently, Dr. Shaw has focused his efforts on patient-based clinical research to evaluate the use of high dose cannabidiol treatment for various medical conditions, including addiction, anxiety, autoimmune disease, cancer, pain, and sleep disorders. Based on the success of this research, he co-founded the cannabinoid therapeutics company REBEL MD, with the mission of developing pharmaceutical-grade treatment options for clinical endocannabinoid deficiency.

  • Board Certification in Public Health and General Preventative Medicine
  • Subspecialty Board Certification in Addiction Medicine
  • Certification in Integrative Medicine
  • PhD in Neurological Sciences

Melissa Nasits

An entrepreneur and fitness expert, Melissa Nasits has leveraged her leadership and business skills to achieve success across two complementary professional paths. She began her career in the fine dining industry with Roy’s Restaurants, rising in the ranks to become a managing partner and beverage director for the multi-million dollar upscale restaurant chain. She later served as the General Manager and Operating Partner for various fine dining restaurants in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, overseeing daily operations and business growth through innovating new concepts.

Concurrent with her upward climb in the restaurant industry, Melissa began focusing on ways to improve her core strength and physical fitness, following the birth of her second daughter. She fell in love with Obstacle Course Race (OCR) training and was a World OCR Championship Qualifier in both 2017 and 2018. Pursuing her new passion with the same drive that she has shown throughout her professional career, Melissa became an AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor and currently teaches cycle, strength, and circuit training at a state-of-the-art athletic complex in north Texas. Says Melissa, “Fitness has truly changed my life and body for the better and I have become a true advocate for the positive change that activity, health awareness, and nutrition can make in people’s lives.”

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